Saturday, July 29, 2006

Starting Up's the deal. My friend Bill White and I have been talking about games for years. We both love to play RPGs. We were hooked on Magic: The Gathering for a while when we were in grad school together. We also played some D&D and Champions every so often. Now we finally decided to start doing something with our interests. Bill created an awesome game called Ganakagok. I helped him out by play-testing, giving (minor) feedback on rules, and developing the "Nitu Tarot" used to play the Ganakagok game.

In the process, we came up the wacky idea of starting a game "company" of sorts, called Consensus Games. Bill took the blog name, so I added the NJ on the end (I live in NJ, he lives in PA). So, we're continuing to think about and develop some games together...which will someday make us rich and famous. Well...maybe just thought of fondly.

What we have in the hopper:

Technolust: A card based role-playing game that puts players in the position of a citizen in a dark and decaying world where everyone "Mods" their bodies with cybernetics. The more people mod, the more they want to...and the more likely it is for them to start behaving strangely.

Untitled Advertising Game: Bill and I both teach advertising at the undergraduate level. I teach more design type stuff. Bill, I believe teaches more of the social implications of advertising. We're trying to collaborate on a project that will bridge our teaching interests. The game may feature ethical decision making and taking on roles within the advertising. We haven't gotten much beyond that, but we'd like to have some sort of working draft to test out during the Fall 06 semester.


Bill White said...

Dave --

I think we're just calling it "The Ad Game" for now. Like I told you on the phone the other day, it's on the syllabus for Dec. this fall, so I'm committed to something. The good news is that they'll just have spent a semester learning about the culture of advertising as a profession, so they should at least be able to role-play.

-- Bill

Dave Petroski said...

Sounds good to me. I'm totally psyched about "The Ad Game." I've been talking it up a bit with whoever cares to listen. I think there's great things ahead. :)

Oh...what do you think about "Consensus Games (NJ)"? Should we consolodate at some point?